Traveling through Southern Namibia is made easy these days by tar roads and signposts. Even with these navigational comforts travelers to Namibia are aware of the essential wildness of a land so unfamiliar to new visitors that they might almost have landed on another planet. The immensity of this wilderness is emphasized by the presence of the mighty canyon of the Fish River.

Some animals found in this Fish River Canyon area

In the Fish River Canyon you may encounter several species of mammals, such as Mountain Zebra (Hartman Zebra), Kudu, Klipspringer, Leopard, Steenbok, Baboon and Springbok. The most common rodents include mice, rats, dassies, and dassie-rats. Most of which you will see in the images below.
Some bird species found in the Fish River Canyon area

Bird life consists of your common birds found in Namibia but you will also come across some surprises like Pelicans, Black Eagles, Fish Eagles, Kingfishers, Lovebirds, Wild Ostrich and various species of waterfowl and wading birds, like Herons. Some of these species can be seen in the images below.
Where to now?
By - Janco Sustr
Long Roads
By - Andre Bezuidenhout
From the Air
By - Khopan
A Quiver Tree
By - Andre Bezuidenhout
Rugged Rock Formation
By - Denise Pelissier
Sunset and sunrise over the canyon is always a sensational experience and never the same. An overnight camping experience on the floor next to one of the pools is a must with many reports of strange sounds, echoes, long silences and periods when the air rushes through for no reason. The stars are huge and bright, such an amazing place for any nature lover.
Second in size only to the Grand Canyon of America, Namibia's Fish River Canyon is one of the natural wonders of Africa. The canyon is 161 kilometer long, nearly 27 kilometers wide and up 549 meters deep. It is set in a sudden harsh, rocky plain scantily covered with drought- resistant vegetation such as various succulents and plenty of quiver trees. Known as Choje to the indigenous San people, the Quiver tree gets its name from the San practice of hollowing out the tubular branches of Aloe dichotoma to form quivers for their arrows.
The edge of canyon is reached with startling suddenness and a road running for 58 kilometers along the eastern side of the canyon leads to a series of viewing sites and lookout points boasting breathtaking views. Paths wind to the floor of the canyon where the Fish River flows through a range of deep pools which are never dry up despite the minimal supply of water from the river. There are hot springs on the banks of the river and at its lower end is the resort of Ai-Ais was built at one of the larger springs.
Hiking through the canyon is a popular pastime and an endurance test for the brave and hardy. A medical examination is recommended and hikers are only permitted to do the trip in the relatively cool months from the beginning May to the end of September. Hikers generally do the 80 kilometer stretch all the way to Ai-Ais starting from the most northerly viewing sites.

Carry your own food and for fish lovers, yellow fish and barbel are plentiful in the pools of the canyon all along the way. The canyon in inhabited by baboons, klipspringers, mountain zebras, leopards, many small game animals and species, snakes and monitor lizards and the bird life is abundant.
A very high perch
By - Janco Sustr
Ai-Ais Entrance Gate
By - H J van Zyl
Emerald Green Pools
By - Khopan

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Some of the animals found in Namibia
Some of the Birds found in Namibia
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