This "southern African Bird Species" page would not have been made possible without the truly professional and outatanding bird photography taken by David Mason, Pat Hayes and Frances Gatens. All of the photographs on this page were taken in Namibia by David, Pat and Frances. Thanks to Wikipedia for the use of their images.

All the images below can be seen on the "Real Birder" website which was
created and  is maintained by David and Amanda Mason who have done an
excellent job in bringing these images to us.
Real Birder - A MUST for all Bird fanatics !!
A link to the African Birding Club
A link to Southern African Birding
Link to African Birding
Listed in alphabetical order. The birds names in red are the beginning of a new letter or you can click on one of the letters below to take you to the bird types beginning with that letter.
A big thank-you from Andre Bezuidenhout  (Eish SA webmaster) to David, Amanda, Pat and Frances !
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